European initiative for the sustainable safe use of coal derived chemicals

REACH for Coal Chemicals (R4CC)

R4CC Membership/ Letter of Access (LoA)


The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) operates the internet platform REACH-IT as official communication tool. The SIEF facilitators/ Lead Registrants are able to inform the pre- registrants on the progress of the registration using REACH-IT.


All pre-registrants for coal chemicals were invited January 8, 2009 to sign a R4CC- confidentiality agreement for pre-SIEF discussions and disclosure of Membership conditions. The invitation was repeated February 12, 2009.


R4CC welcomed 59 Member companies until October 2010. Currently no new Members are accepted.


The access to R4CC registration dossiers can be obtained after purchase of a Letter of Access. Interested parties are invited to contact the R4CC helpdesk. The proof of a valid pre-registration or a successful inquiry process with ECHA is necessary. 




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